Protein! Protein! Where are you?

Even vegeterians can get their required share of proteins in their diet.Dietician Naomi Dsouza shows you ways to include more protein in your vegetarian diet.

Most of us are health control freaks. We cater to every facet of our health, from the time spent on a workout to reading nutrition facts written on a food pack vigilantly while shopping. But a little peek into your day’s menu will show you how close you come to your minimum daily protein requirement.

As per the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) stated by the ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) the minimum protein requirement is 1Gm per 1 kg of ideal body weight per day. In simple words if you weigh 55 kilos you need to have 55 Gms of protein in a day’s meal to touch base.

For a non-vegetarian, protein intake options are varied. On the other hand, a vegetarian’s options don’t only have to revolve around dhal and milk products. They can get innovative to bring in a variety too.

Here’s how you can include various vegetarian ingredients ….(Read More)


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