How to make your perfume last longer?

Easy ways to make your perfume last longer

  • Apply perfume right after shower, before getting dressedperfume
  • Moisturize your skin
  • Apply perfume to pulse points – Below the ear lobe, on temples, and at the base of the throat

            You can dab your fingers in the perfume and apply it to the pulse points but do not rub your wrists together with perfume on it.

  • Choose perfumes which have strong base notes
  • Spray it on your Hairbrush too
  • Apply fragrances according to seasons

             In winters, strong and powerful fragrances are recommended while in summers, mild fragrances with aromas of citrus, fresh herbs and flowers are recommended.

  • Layer your fragrances

              Layering means applying different products of the same fragrance to sustain the fragrance throughout the day. Can use a combination of shower gel or moisturizer or a body talc with the perfume.

  • Store perfume properly



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