How to adjust the Font Size in Vista?

Follow the steps given below to adjust the Font Size in Windows Vista to make the text clear and visible:

1) Right click on the Desktop and select “Personalize” from the drop down list.

2) When the “Personalize” window opens, click  on the “Adjust font size (DPI)”.

3) As you can see in “DPI Scaling” dialogue box there are two default options to select, which are – 96 (DPI) which makes it possible to fit more information and 120 (DPI) which makes the text to appear in bigger size and more readable (see figure 3). You can even choose your own font size by clicking “Custom DPI.” button.
4) As shown in figure 3 you can see that 96 (DPI) has been selected and the text size would be as shown in figure 4. When you check “Larger scale (120 DPI)” radio button, the text size would be better visible as shown in figure 5. After selecting “Large scale (120 DPI)” you would be prompted to restart computer to apply the changes that you have requested. Once you restart computer, the font size will come into effect.
5) In “Custom DPI Setting” there are two more DPI sizes to select from the drop down list as shown in figure 6. If you feel the font size is still small and want increase it, then you can select 144 DPI or 192 DPI from the drop down list in “Custom DPI Setting” dialogue box and click Ok button.